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Welcome to Island hopping Croatia, where you can discover our mission, the story of our company's inception, and its evolution over the years.

Hello. My name is Maruša and I'm manager of Island Hopping Croatia.

Having worked in the tourism industry for numerous years, my desire to create something truly unique, reflecting my creative spirit, has always burned within me. Croatia, a perennial favorite summer destination, has captivated me with its pebbly beaches, crystal-clear waters, abundant sunshine, and delectable cuisine.

However, as an adventurous soul, I constantly seek to infuse my holidays with distinctive experiences. Croatia’s picturesque coastline and islands provide the perfect backdrop for adventures. Hence, the concept of island-hopping holidays in Croatia has always excited me. The establishment of Island Hopping Croatia allows me to share my profound knowledge of Croatia and assist you in planning your vacations, just as I have done for countless others.

Our meticulously crafted tours are the result of years of research and experience. We take pride in ensuring that each of our clients enjoys a memorable trip and, perhaps, even becomes a repeat traveler with us.

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A team of dedicated travel experts

Throughout the years, I’ve assembled a dedicated team of individuals who share the same fervor for travel as I do. Together, we are committed to assisting others in realizing their dream vacations. With extensive experience in the field of tourism, we’ve encountered and successfully addressed a wide array of challenges.

We are fully prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Our primary mission is to streamline your island hopping holidays, eliminating any unnecessary burdens and ensuring seamless operations. We have unwavering confidence in our ability to achieve this, as demonstrated by the thousands of satisfied clients we’ve served thus far.

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Embarking on an Island-hopping adventure along the Adriatic coast couldn’t be simpler. Choose the hassle-free route by booking one of our tours, and we’ll handle all the details. From securing your preferred room to sharing invaluable local insights and extending round-the-clock support, we’ve got you covered. 

Peruse our curated collection of the finest island-hopping tours in Croatia, select your preferred travel dates, and reach out to us to initiate the booking process. Your journey begins with just a few clicks!

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Island Hopping Croatia packages promise a delightful and effortless adventure, exploring the most picturesque nooks along the Croatian coastline.
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